The path



We used to walk down the path
unable to hide the lust and joy.

Now I see the grass has grown
and I hestitate to walk alone.

Will you ever walk with me again
in the early morning to the bridge?


We used to sit still and observe.




In the dry darkness
I remember your sound
of lovemaking.

In the wet daylight
I wonder if I dreamt
in pure pain.

This is the sound of love
This is the sound of leaving
This is the sound of me waiting


Shyyy, listen to the open door.



.   .   .

I expand the love
in a painfull strech
to open my fears and let go.

Between the fears is space
Between the tears is space
Between acceptence is space

My love incapsulated
surrounded by sorrow
clinging, grasping, drowning.

I dissolve my clinging to make space
I let go of grasping to make space
I start breathing to make space

.    .    .

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