You now know, that the view consists of more than meets the eye.

Trust yourself in the landscape of spectacles,

for what is hidden can be seen by the eye of a curious mind.



Spectrogram “More than meets the Eye” for Litbrá Festival at 1,7 x 12 meter wall Tvøroyri, Suðuroy, Faroe Island.
61°33’32.9″N 6°49’22.0″W
Pencil and wall paint.
Documentation: video: David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo, Photos: Sunniva Gudmundsdóttir Mortensen and Hypersensitive Productions


To see without obstacles is not just a question of what meets the eye. To really see means to be able to go beyond of what you think you see and dare to question what meets the eye – this piece invites the audience to interact with the piece and both see, listen and interpret.

This piece  illustrates one the the 7 walls in Tvøroyri with a spectrogram composition made for the cultural night 2018 in Tvøroyri. The spectogram can be played by an app called PhonoPaper, which transform the spectogram into electronic sound. The beauty of PhonoPaper is that is tries to play every form it can read – so the audience is invited to go beyond the wall decoration and play the noise composition of the walls surroundings in Tvøroyri.

The piece challenge the traditional separation between text, sound and visual painting by suggesting, how a wall can both represent the visual part: the spectrogram itself can be seen as visual abstract waves corresponding to the ocean waves or the waves the wind makes in soil, which reflect the nature surrounding Tvøroyri and at the same time add extra layers in form of poetry and interaction. The wall in Tvøroyri will hold a hidden treasure that opens up for those curious enough to test it – just as the island itself.