Transformed is a mixed piece between videoinstallation and performance:
Videoinstallation consisting of 2 films: “Transformed” and ” Urban liquid landscapes” with sound, tape, dress, curtains and chairs.

Videoinstallation: Yong Sun Gullach
Audiovisuals: Claus Poulsen
Poems and readings: Yong Sun Gullach
Berlin, May 2013


Videoinstallation “Transformed” shown together with Lazara Rosell Albear’s “Who what are you”.

“Structure”2013, Installation 1.
A visual presentation of urban landscapes from the two cities of Berlin and Copenhagen and it’s geometrics: 12,07 minutes slide presentation

Working with primarily horizontal and vertical lines created by the urban landscape the liquid continuation of the images creates a grid contrasting the dreamy layers of movement from “Transformed”. By suggesting steadiness and simplicity the images show, that despite time and history, space and lines remains as an unavoidable premise in both nature and human shaped forms.

“Transformed” 2013, Installation 2
A visual ode by Yong Sun Gullach: 12,07 min. dual channel video

3 different sets of poems grouped in a past, present and imagined future read by Yong Sun Gullach: 3 Buddhist inspired poems examining present human emotions, sound and space. 8 haiku poems creating a portrait of past conditions of what was and is not and 2 poems suggesting a possible present and future dissolving the readers body and understanding of existence into other shapes and texture.

Transformed explores the sound words create at the brink where the word itself looses its meaning and transforms into a pure sound. Echoing traces of content – words inspired by stays in Berlin – mirroring the poems creating a hypnotic sound pattern framing the written and spoken content.



“Death” – poetry performace belonging to “Transformed” video-installation 2013.