am what I am

and what I am not

I cannot be

let it be
who is

“I do not construct reality – my body is reality”

Yong Sun Gullach is a Korean-Danish artist and a human rights activist with focus on Transnational adoption as colonial practise based in Copenhagen Denmark. She operates at the boundaries of performance, poetry, film, music, noise and installation art. Her art practice investigate the Southeast and East Asian diaspora and desorientation as she unfolds the aesthetics of the expressions and narrations that are embedded in-between the body, sounds and the spoken word. 

Yong Sun Gullach investigates the essence of the loss of an understanding of a self and the strategies to overcome, what is not within reach. The human nature’s attempt to replace the self by de-and reconstructing an identity is unfold in the complex co-creation of the body and the body’s surroundings. A loss that manifest itself in many layers always changing always present.

By letting body and space unfolds it’s complex dimensions the investigation of the co-creation between artist and spectator starts – traces creates an impact on the other person’s memories and an understanding of the dialogue is being presented. By evoking basic feelings in the other – a portal for communication opens in her art where words, sounds and visuals exchange. This deconstructed loss of the artists self opens for an exchange constructing a narration and thereby the performers body in the room.

Gullach’s performance-investigations adds a textuality of flesh and time. The artists body in space and time bends what cannot be captured but only absorbed, in a single unique space continuum for each spectator.

Side by side is the row of performance actions presented.
Her works has been curated in Europe, Korea and the US.