am what I am

and what I am not

I cannot be

let it be
who is

“I do not construct reality – my body is reality”

Yong Sun Gullach is a Korean-Danish artist living in Copenhagen Denmark. She works feministic interdisciplinary with performance, text, sculptures, film, sound and activism – investigating the endless reconstruction transnational adoptees are enforced to endure in the neo-colonial global North, the body in diaspora being an archive and a vessel for trauma and pain.

She is interested in the essence of the loss of a self and original identity investigating the emotional strategies, that evolves to overcome, what is not and never will be within reach. She mimes human nature’s attempt to replace the self by de-and re-constructing an existence unfolded in the complex co-creation of the body and the body’s surroundings. A loss that manifest itself in many layers always changing always present.

Her works has been curated in Europe, North and South America and Korea. She has in 2019 and 2020 recieved funding from the Danish Arts Foundation for Visual Arts.

Yong Sun Gullach er en koreansk-dansk kunstner bosat i København. Hun arbejder feministisk interdisciplinært mellem performance, tekst, skulpturer, film, lyd og aktivisme. Hun undersøger den uendelige rekonstruktion transnational adopterede udlever i det neokoloniale globale nord, kroppen i diaspora og som arkiv, traumer og smerte.