September 2019

Camp, curator Temi Odumoso, Trampolinhuset

December 2018

Work work work, panelsamtale, Gallery |meter|, 8th of december 2018


October 2018

Performance Art Festival Transistors meetings, Warehouse 9, Copenhagen 6th of October 2018

September 2018

The Performance Art Festival Body Landscapes, Verdenskulturcentret, 28th of September – 5th of October 2018, Copenhagen Denmark
“Representation matters”, Panel talk, Sammen mod Racisme, Den Sorte Firkant 22nd of September, Copenhagen Denmark

July 2018

“More than meets the Eye”, Litbrá Festival, Tvøroyri, Faroe Islands


June 2018

Shaking the habitual: final seminar, curated by Gallery |meter|, Warehouse 9, Vesterbro

“Reproduktion, slægtsskabelse og Nekropatriarkat”, paneltalk curated by Arken’s Laboratory at “Shaking the Habitual”, Galleri |Meter|, Nørrebro
“Stjæler”, reading at “Mothertongue|Fathertongue”, Den sorte Firkant, Nørrebro

May 2018

“Be mindful to the Pedestrians”, performance at  Eks-rummet, Amager 26th of May 2018

“Amager Pedestrians”, collective exhibition by Performance Køkkenet, Eks-rummet, Amager 18th – 27th of May 2018

April 2018

“Re-enacting the Transnational Adoptee” and presentation at Living Archive, curated by Temi Odumoso, Malmø Kunstmuseum 11th – 13th of April 2018
“A home is a home is a home”, Public Society, Underbanen, Nørrebro 6th of April 2018

March 2018

“Myieok Guk”, installation for “Foodways”, Sjón 2018 Film Festival, Verdenskulturcentret 9th – 10th of March  2018

Februar 2018

Workshop, “Archives that matters”, Statens Kunstskole 6th of February 2018

October 2017

“Besættelse”, vernissage for EU Anti-Trafficking Day and HopeNow 10th Anniversary, 18th of October 2017
“This is not your space- this is your space” and “Memories from a boarder” – collaborative performances with Rahman Hak-Hagir, Molly Nyland and Amir Zainorin, Kulturnatten, Verdenskulturcentret 13nd of October

THIS IS NOT YOUR SPACE (2017) from Yong Sun Gullach on Vimeo.

International Performance Art Festival Body Landscapes“, performance teacher at 3 workshops at with Rahman Hak-Hagir, curated by David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo. Verdenskulturcentret, 10th to the 13th of October 2017 – read IScene’s review (in Danish)

September 2017

“Besættelse”, curated by Emma Holten, Feministisk Varieté, Teater Republiques Reaktor scene, 29th of September 2017

June 2017

“Hwarang – imprints of a poet warrior”, piece exhibited at “GOTTA SERVE SOMEBODY”, co-created show with Lise Haurum, Laila Svensgaard, Åse Eg, Tanja Nelleman Poulsen, Anne Dyhr, Rikke Hansen at, Århus June 22nd – July 3rd 2017

“The Star Child Project” curated by Hvid[mə] Archive followed by an art talk at Gallery |Meter|, Copenhagen 10th of June 2017
“Mistress of un-representation”, Marronage #2, Juni 2017

May 2017

Arttalk together with Miriam Firesewra Berhane Haile moderated by Temi Odumosu at SMK Fridays, Copenhagen 5th of May 2017
Voice material – part of the sound mosaic at “Ufortalte Historier”, Statens Museum for Kunst 18th of May 2017 – January 2018 curated by Living Archives

March 2017

“Country of Loss”, performance reading with Lesley-Ann Brown at Hovedbiblioteket, Copenhagen, 3rd of March 2017 –read page 9-11
“Besættelse”, part of Hvid[mə] Archive

Februar 2017

“Re-enacting The Transnational Adoptee” and Key note talk at Decolonial Daughters: How coloniality destroys family – On art, migration, decolonization and empowerment, curated by Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio, La Casa de Barro, Amsterdam 17th-19th of February, 2017

November 2016

Reading “Besættelse” at Friktion Magazine “Opsamling 2015-16” launch party, Huset Copenhagen, 25th of November, 2016

October 2016

Reading “Besættelse” at  Dansk Sociologiforening, Jazzhouse Copenhagen, 26th of October, 2016 – hear sound file here

“Re-enacting The Transnational Adoptee” and Key note talk moderated by Temitope Odumosu at SEAL Bi-annual seminar on Social Exclusion, Postcolonial Perspectives and Discrimination, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, 6th of October, 2016

July 2016

“Re-enacting The Transnational Adoptee” and art talk with Mary Evans moderated by Koyo Kouoh at EVA International closing symposium for Ireland Biennial “Still (the) Barbarians, Belltable Arts Center, Limerick City, Ireland 12-13th of July, 2016 – read about the event here.

June 2016

Performer in the collective performance “Jeg har altid følt mig som…” created and curated by Jette Hye-Jin Mortensen, part of Tranen‘s program at Gentofte commune’s kultur og festdage, Hellerup Strand 11th of June, 2016


April 2016

“Re-enacting The Transnational Adoptee” at EVA International, Ireland Biennial “Still (the) Barbarians, curated by Koyo Kouoh, Limerick City, Ireland 14-16th of April, 2016
EVA 2016_List of Artist names

December 2015

Reading at Vis a Vis Art Collective – VAVAC “Mund til Mund no. 1”, Verdenskulturcentret 14th of December 2015

November 2015

Danish curator of and participator with F L A K in the Literature Festival TAL, 13th – 15th of November, Copenhagen
Art talk and reading Haiku, Dansk Haikuforening, Forfatterforeningen, 1st of November, Copenhagen

September 2015

“Re-enacting the Transnational Adoptee” in Flab festival 2015, Verdenskulturcentret, Copenhagen

July 2015

“Re-enacting the Transnational Adoptee” in Novam Artem festival 28th-31st of July, 2015, Visions of Dome, Copenhagen

June 2015

“Wood” and “Water”, Miami Performance International Festival, Miami USA – curated by Charo Orquet
“Re-enacting the Transnational Adoptee”, Miami Performance International Festival, Miami USA – curated by Charo Orquet

April 2015

Reading, Sakura Festival, 26th of April, Copenhagen – curated by Mona Larsen
“Blackening #2” together with Tove Vestmø, Gallopperiet 18th of April, Copenhagen – curated by Anke Hurrelbrink

“Re-enacting the Transnational Adoptee”, Hysteria Festival, 11th of April, SOMA Gallery, Berlin – Curated by Bjørk Grue Lindin
“Re-enacting the Transnational Adoptee”, Berlin Soup, Kottbusser Tor, 10th of April, Berlin

March 2015

F L A K, R.P.T #XVII, Mayhem, 28th of March, Copenhagen – excerp of the concert
F L A K, Galleri Boheme, 26th of March, Copenhagen
Improvisation reading at Café Mix, together with Palle Mikkelborg, Jette Botschinsky, Maria Bloch, Helen Davies, Kenneth Krabat og Helene Smed, 12th of March, Metronomen, Frederiksberg

February 2015

Backing voice for Michael Dyst in “Danmark har Talent”, 14th of February, TV Show for TV2 Denmark

January 2015

Curated the exhibition ‎”Estaciones Nómadas‬” by contamporary painter Rafael Peréz Conception, Centro Cultural de España, Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic

Read another article here by Amable López Meléndez

November 2014

Reading, Det Poetisk Bureau, Metronome, 28th of November, Frederiksberg
Reading, Poesiens hus, 28th of November, Østerbro
, Den Gule Villa, 2nd of November, Frederiksberg

October 2014

F L A K, Hotel Ibsen 15th of October, Nørrebro

September 2014

“An oneironaut is dreaming a space”, 30 minutes performance together with Claus Pousen at Galleri Benmel, 6th -27th of September Nexø Bornholm  – curated by Mogens Vibe
“Dreaming a space” , Installation at Galleri Benmel, Nexø Bornholm  – curated by Mogens Vibe

August 2014

F L A K reading at Menneskefesten, 30 August, Nørrebro Copenhagen
Lyrik på Kulturhavnen, 1st. of August, Islands Brygge Copenhagen

June 2014

“Dreaming a space” and co-curator, Berlin Soup, PB47, 11th -15th of June, Copenhagen – se further documentation here and a review here
“An oneironaut is dreaming a space”, 30 minutes performance together with Claus Pousen at Berlin Soup, PB47, 14th and 15th of June, Copenhagen
“Blackening”, videoperformance with Tove Vestmø, Berlin Soup the 11th of June, Copenhagen
Excerpt of Blackening (with Tove Vestmø), Som om/As if, Once, 14th – 29th of June, Miami Performace International Festival USA

F L A K, Tranquebar, 5th of June, Nørrebro Copenhagen

 April 2014

Haiku reading, 27th of April, Sakurafestivallen Langelinie, Copenhagen
Once” (2nd. edit), Koroot, 17th of April, Seoul Korea

Marts 2014

Haiku reading, Sings Tehus, 20th of March,Copenhagen

January 2014

F L A K, APF, The Hub, 18th of January,  Copenhagen

November 2013

F L A K, Hotel Ibsen, 21st of November,  Copenhagen
Hopscotch, Hotel Ibsen Art Salon, Hotel Ibsen, 21st of November,  Copenhagen
F L A K, Basement, 15th of November , Copenhagen
VJ, Autobunny concert, Underhuset, 15th of November, Copenhagen
F L A KOrd på Flisen, Cafe Flisen, 6th of November,  Copenhagen
F L A K, Poesi i Staden, Bob What, 1st of November,  Copenhagen

Oktober 2013

Ditto, premiere peformance at ART AID, Odd Fellow Palæet , 19th and 20th of October, Copenhagen
“Ditto” Installation ART AID Group Exhibition, Odd Fellow Palæet, 12-13th and 19th-20th of October, Copenhagen (see further documentation here)

Once“, “Afterlife of a mermaid” and “Hopscotch“, Slagtryk, program_slagtrykfestival2013, 12th of October, Copenhagen
F L A K, Kulturnatten,  Odd Fellow Palæet, 11th of October, Copenhagen

September 2013

Reading – Invitation to interpretate some of Ole Bundgaard’s Haikus, Reception for Ole Bundgaard’s Haiku II, Gallery North, 28th of September,  Copenhagen
F L A K, Beneficiary Reading, Center for Visdom og Medfølelse, 7th of September, Copenhagen
F L A K, Reading at 3 festdage for maleriet, 2020vision, Huset, 6th of September, Copenhagen

Once“, screening at Gallopperiet, 1st of September, Copenhagen
, reading at Exhibition “Normalisering eller tilpasningens tragedie“, Gallopperiet, 1st of September, Copenhagen

August 2013

Once” (2nd. edit), screening at Gallopperiet, 31st of August, Copenhagen
F L A K, reading at Exhibition “Normalisering eller tilpasningens tragedie“, 31st of August Gallopperiet Copenhagen
Contributor to videogathering by Ron Schneiderman at Festival of Endless Gratitude, 29th to 31st of August, Copenhagen

July 2013

Various group artprojects – se further documentation here

June 2013

Once“( edit), Desart – Screening at “Levende billeder på væggen”, 21st of June, Copenhagen
F L A K, Underskoven, Huset Copenhagen (together with Claus Poulsen, music)
Desart (Levende billeder på væggen)
, Ryesgade 21 Copenhagen (together with Claus Poulsen, music)

May 2013

Transformed, a cross over video and performanceinstallation, Berlins Soup, Dada Post Berlin / Group exhibition, Berlin

April 2013

Reading, Ord på Flisen, Café Flisen, 3rd of April Copenhagen

Ord På Flisen 3 April 2013
from TVMarineret 3 on Vimeo.
Reading, Poetisk Møde, Karens Minde Kulturhus, Copenhagen

February 2013

Reading, Skriften på væggen, X-kirken

Publications – Books, CDs and videos:


  • Peripeti


  • “Mistress of Un-representation”, Marronage #2, Juni 2017


  • “Besættelse”, Friktion – magasinet for køn, krop & kultur,  “Opsamling 2015-16”, 2016


  • “Han”, Nonsense, Hystria no 5 – read page 44
  • Re-edit of Timebomb, Official music video for “Timebomb”, “Tomorrows today” Autobunny


  • Yonsai, Voices, Hysteria
  • Poesi i Tranquebar, Anthology 2014 (2 poems), Copenhagen Storytellers


  • Bag Øjet, F L A K
  • “Som om”, poetry film by Yong Sun Gullach

A poetry film commenting the discomfort of a female figure’s experience of the exoticising the body. Brought up in rural Denmark all attributes in language, references etc. are identical with other Danes but still a strong silent alienation is present.