Performative walk
Water, plastic, safety west

Performed at Copenhagen Culture Night 2021 as a part of “In between Spaces” Jambatan, October 15th, 2021

Territory is a portion of geographical space that coincides with the spatial extent of a government’s jurisdiction. It is the physical container and support of politics organized under a governmental structure. It is an independent political power, with social ties to a “parent nation.” or under political control by a nearby nation. It is mostly occupied by settlers from the “parent nation.” It has a short-term status while waiting for full rights.

Through confinement of both humans and other species, the physical containers are limited to an absolute minimum in order to restrict the possibility of creating territory and independency. By not occupying but being occupied the body in itself becomes a territory occupied by the parent nation itself. You do not own the borders of your own body.

In this piece the artist investigate confinement as both a mental and a physical limitation to the body.

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