Thank you

To all of you showing up at my poetry readings and performances. It has been a hectic month – 4 readingperformances and lots of project upstart. Now, I need to be silence for a month – I have started to build my installation – and I made my first pressure sensor – YAY – there is so much fun one could make with that – I made a video last year with “Umuligt Instrument” (1.15 in the video) – she uses it in a very clever way. I found a sweet person helping me coding the Raspberry Pis – this is a relief, I kinda broke down when I couldn’t even unzip the installation packs.

Also I am working on a new sound performance and a publication – all filled with complications and challenges. But involving 3 musicians is just a lot of work … but hopefully worth the hard work.

Working with Claus Poulsen and his fab Chapmann stick has gone to the next level and we have officially formed a duo called F L A K. I will let you know, my dear 2 readers, when we officially launch ourselves.

Lots of fun at a photo shoot – I have one more coming up and finally I have started up a third poetry film. It is a lot, I know – but I have only this life once and until I continue into the next one and repeat my mistakes – I am going to create….

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