Faroe Island is my oyster

Faroe Island is my oyster

I have been chosen by Litbrá 2018 as one of 6 artist to decorate a wall in the city of Tvøroyri with a piece called “More than the eye”. I am so excited and honored and just a tiny bit intimidated to face such a huge task.

The six artists are:
– Andreea Serban-Chira (LT)
– Bárður Dal Christiansen (FO)
– David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo (CO/DK)
– Hansina Iversen (FO)
– Ólavur Thorsteinsson (FO)
– Yong Sun Gullach (DK)
– Ýr Ákadóttir (FO)

Photo by Litbrá

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