Well my dear non-existent readers, here is a post of my nonexistent art life.

I waste my time trying to learn Touchdesign – yes, it is extremely nerdish and I am not sure what to use it for – yet. But if I learn it, I see coming projects piling up.

2 larger projects are in the pipeline – both the biggest projects I have coped with so far. One has a deadline the second one will not be realized before spring next year. 1 new poetry film has started to slowly take form – I did some test shoots today, destroyed a pair of pants but I like the ideas, now I need to transform it into visuals that works.

Tranquebar was fun, and I will be back 🙂 Thanks for the votes, next time, I will try to make it to the anthology.

Basically I am fighting my biggest fears at the moments – to loose control, to be mediocre and fail. I have received a couple of rejections for projects amongst other no LAK-festival for me – mew, and even though I know that is and will be my reality also in the future – I will never learn to cope with this. Dammit.

The 31st of August and the 1st of September I will do a show at Gallopperiet, Christiania at 5 pm. Please join me, there will be lots of other fun artists and it will just be such a nice event – I know it!

All right – back to Touchdesign.

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