EVA nærmer sig

Mar. 27, 2016 by

EVA 2016 er lige om lidt og den officielle liste af kunstnere kan findes her: http://www.eva.ie/artists-2016 Jeg er stolt af at finde mig selv blandt dem her: http://www.eva.ie/artists-2016?item=4254

Still (the) Barbarians

Jan. 21, 2016 by

It is with great honor and pride I can announce that my performance created in 2015 Re-enacted The Transnational Adoptee has been curated to Eva International Biennial “Still (The) Barbarians”. A press release is offered here. I am filled with humbleness

The Dominican Republic

Jan. 31, 2015 by

I have been curated an exhibition in Santo Domingo for the Dominican contemporary painter Rafael Pérez Conception, it was hard work, lots of fun, some drama and a lot of politics. The artworld is the same all over 🙂 But



Aug. 27, 2014 by

“Dreaming a space” er blevet udtaget til at blive opstillet i Galleri Benmel/Skulpturnexø.dk i perioden den 6. til den 27. september i forbindelse med Bornholms kulturuge. Den 6. september opføres performancen “An Onieronaut is dreaming a space”. Kom, hvis I

Getting ready

Getting ready

Jun. 9, 2014 by

I am getting ready for Berlin Soup where I display the piece “Dreaming a space”. Saturday and sunday I will do a performance together with Claus Poulsen at 4.30pm saturday and 4.15pm sunday – please do join – there will