Hypersensitive produces from time to time videos either as an independent art piece or commissioned documentary work for preferable music events or tracks.
Below are examples of productions made by Hypersensitive Productions. Do you want to see more, please visit my Vimeo channel.

Music video for Torben Westergaard, The Gori Project

2 minutes documentation of the performance “Re-enacting the Transnational Adoptee”, EVA Biennale 2016

“Structure” – formationvideo by Hypersensitive Productions

“Som om”, Potery video by Yong Sun Gullach and sound by Claus Poulsen
A poetry film commenting the discomfort of a female figure’s experience of the exoticising the body. Brought up in rural Denmark all attributes in language, references etc. are identical with other Danes but still a strong silent alienation is present.

“Hopscotch” a Poetry Film by Yong Sun Gullach / sound scape by Claus Poulsen

“Once”, a Poetry Film by Yong Sun Gullach and music by Claus Poulsen
“Once” is framing the performer’s grief of the loss of her unknown mother and express a forced cultural and physical migration – by working with stereotypes connected to the Korean culture Yong Sun Gullach both comment on a self experienced exclusion in a homogenious caucasien society and works with her own barriers in closing the gap in her identity.