Re-enacting the Transnational Adoptee

(30 minutes performance)

Created by Yong Sun Gullach

“Re-enacting the Transnational Adoptee” is interested in the life capability of a body of color by investigating the adopted subjects being in the world in a performative framework. By displaying how the subject is framed and displaced within the scope of Transnational Adoption through an attempt to emancipate the adopted body, re-performing the circumstances of the process and the constant battle of the right to self-definition for the Transnational Adoptee, Yong Sun Gullach embodies the process of the transnational adoptee.

Visualising the identification as adoptee in a western society and touching upon topics such as the price of a coloured body, losing name and language and the attempt to reclaim original culture through using sound, traces of language and her own body, the artist puts on display the risk of being seen as ungrateful, victimising her position and disloyal to the western culture tolerating her.

The performance uses rituals, theatre and lecture elements to frame the history of transnational Adoptions, pointing at the close link to the history of western colonization and emphasising the structural suppression and injustices inherited from the past.


Has been presented so far at:

“Living Archives”, Malmø Kunstmuesum, Malmø Sweden 11th-13th of April 2018
Decolonial Daughters: How coloniality destroys family – On art, migration, decolonization and empowerment, curated by Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio, La Casa de Barro, Amsterdam 17th-19th of February, 2017
SEAL Bi-annual seminar on Social Exclusion, Postcolonial Perspectives and Discrimination, Aalborg University,  6th of October, 2016, Copenhagen
EVA International_Still (the) Barbarians A Symposium, Belltable Theater presented by EVA International, 12 and 13 July 2016, Limerick City – read article from the event here.
The 37th. Biennial EVA International 2016 “Still (the) Barbarians“, curated by Koyo Kouoh, Limerick City
FLAB Festival, Verdenskulturcentret, 20 september 2015, Copenhagen
Novam Artem Festival, Dome of Vision, 30th of July 2015, Copenhagen
Miami Performance International Festival, Edge Zones Production, 26th of June 2015, Miami
Hysteria Festival, 11th of April 2015, SOMA Gallery, Berlin
Artspace Westgermany, 10th of April 2015, Berlin


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