Posted by on 08/10/2023

I will participate in this years Jambatan both with a performancce and a panel talk at Valby Kulturhus
New performance connected to The Continuous Helix project the 27th a 6.30 pm.

Art talk at Valby Kulturhus 28 October 2023, 12.15-13.15 moderated by Lucy MSP Burns
Here and Now into the Not-Yet: Artists and Future-(Home)Making
This panel engages how artists reimagine official territorial formations such as “the nation,” questioning challenging and offering alternative paths and methods to future making. This conversation decenters official speculations that insist on security to foreground other values committed to possibilities.
Panelists of the forum:
Anida Yoeu Ali
Dalida Benfield
Christopher Bratton
Yong Sun Gullach